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Wurstfest, the annual German sausage festival held in New Braunfels, Texas, is a paradise for food lovers. From savory sausages to mouthwatering pastries, this event offers a delectable array of culinary delights. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the top 10 must-try foods at Wurstfest. So, prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing journey through German-inspired cuisine that you won't want to miss.

1. Bratwurst:
A visit to Wurstfest is incomplete without indulging in a traditional bratwurst. These savory sausages, typically made from pork or beef, are seasoned to perfection and grilled to smoky goodness. Enjoy them in a freshly baked bun with sauerkraut and mustard for an authentic German experience.

2. Sauerbraten:
Sauerbraten, a classic German…

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Are you contemplating selling your property? Perhaps you've been on the fence, waiting for the right moment to make your move in the real estate market. Well, the wait might be over! In this blog post, we'll explore why now is a fantastic time to sell real estate, and how you can seize this opportunity to maximize your return on investment.

**1. Strong Seller's Market:**
The current real estate landscape is favoring sellers in many areas. Low housing inventory and robust buyer demand have created a seller's market. This means that there are more potential buyers than available homes, driving up property prices and often resulting in multiple offers. As a seller, you have the advantage of setting competitive prices and receiving excellent offers.


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Greetings, New Braunfels real estate enthusiasts! Jordan Lippe Walker, your trusted REALTOR® from Keller Williams Realty Heritage, is here with an insightful real estate market update for July 2023. Get the lowdown on what's happening in our vibrant community.

Inventory Snapshot

Supply Dynamics: As of now, New Braunfels is witnessing a mere 4.23 months of supply. In simpler terms, without any new listings, all current homes on the market would be sold in just over 4 months. A low supply often points to a seller's market where demand outpaces availability.

Trend Watch: The past year has seen a noteworthy uptick in the Months Supply of Inventory, growing by 21.2%. This highlights a changing market dynamics and…

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Welcome to JordanLippeWalker.com's insightful video, where we delve into a comprehensive analysis of real estate days on market in the dynamic city of New Braunfels, Texas. As your go-to source for all things real estate, we're excited to share in-depth insights that can guide both buyers and sellers in making informed decisions.

In this video, Jordan Lippe-Walker, a respected authority in New Braunfels real estate, dissects the significance of days on market (DOM) for properties in the area. Understanding DOM is crucial for gauging market dynamics, setting price expectations, and devising effective strategies to achieve your real estate goals.

We'll explore the factors influencing DOM, such as property type, location, pricing strategy, and…

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Living in New Braunfels, Texas

Ever considered packing your bags and heading south to the Lone Star State? Specifically, to a city bursting with history, culture, and scenic beauty? Let's dive deep into New Braunfels, Texas, and see what life might look like there.

A Glimpse into the History of New Braunfels Founded by German settlers in 1845, New Braunfels exudes a unique blend of Texan and German culture.

German roots and establishment The town's German roots trace back to Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, who saw the potential of this land and established it as a German settlement. Now, the city proudly embraces this heritage in its architecture, festivals, and even street names.

Growth over the decades From a small settlement, New Braunfels…

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As summer reaches its peak, so does the excitement and allure of New Braunfels, Texas. This captivating city becomes a hub of thrilling activities and unforgettable experiences each August. At JordanLippeWalker.com, we've curated a list of the top things to do in New Braunfels, Texas, this August. Buckle up as we journey through this vibrant landscape of adventure!

### 1. Navigate the Crystal Clear Waters of the Comal River

The Comal River, fondly dubbed the "longest shortest river in the world", is the heart and soul of New Braunfels' summer activities. Its cool, clear waters offer a refreshing respite from the August heat. Rent a tube from a local outfitter and gently float downstream, or step it up a notch and try your hand at kayaking.

### 2. Experience…

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Immerse yourself in the exquisite charm of this 5-acre Lake McQueeney estate. The property, boasting a gorgeous wrought iron gate, invites you through a picturesque, paved driveway flanked by towering shade trees. The primary residence, spanning an expansive 4800 sq ft, showcases masterfully crafted woodwork and eye-catching exposed brick accents.

The state-of-the-art kitchen, equipped with double ovens, 3 farmhouse-style single basin sinks, and ample storage spaces, creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests. Further enhancing the home's appeal are two screened-in porches and a sunroom, offering serene spots to unwind.

Additional features of the property include a separate barn that…

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Welcome to JordanLippeWalker.com's insightful video on the timelines to consider before listing your house for sale in the dynamic real estate market of New Braunfels, Texas. Join us as we guide you through the essential steps and recommended timeframes to ensure a successful and efficient selling process, all backed by the expertise of Jordan Lippe-Walker. In this video, we'll explore the crucial aspects of preparing your house for the market in New Braunfels. Learn about the ideal timeline for decluttering, organizing, and staging your home to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. Discover effective strategies for enhancing curb appeal and making necessary repairs or upgrades to attract a higher number of interested buyers.…

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When it comes to real estate, there are several key metrics that buyers and sellers should be aware of. These metrics can provide valuable insights into the current state of the housing market and help guide decision-making processes. Let's take a closer look at the correlation between some of these metrics and what they mean for buyers and sellers.


First, let's focus on the Months Supply of Inventory, which currently stands at 4.02. This metric represents the number of months it would take to sell all the available homes on the market at the current pace of sales. A lower number indicates a seller's market, where demand exceeds supply, while a higher number suggests a buyer's market, where supply outpaces demand. In this case, with a 4.02-month…

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Welcome to JordanLippeWalker.com's captivating video on the power of curb appeal when listing your house for sale in the enchanting city of New Braunfels, Texas. Join us as we unlock the secrets to maximizing the visual appeal of your home's exterior, attracting potential buyers and setting the stage for a successful sale. In this engaging video, Jordan Lippe-Walker, a trusted authority in New Braunfels real estate, shares expert insights and practical advice on transforming your property into a standout gem in the competitive market. Discover the proven strategies and key elements that will make a lasting impression on potential buyers from the moment they approach your home. Learn how to elevate your home's curb appeal through landscaping…

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